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Hungarian Days in Brussels

Szöveg: Captain Melinda Várkonyi |  2018. szeptember 14. 9:42

The MoD Military History Institute and Museum took part in a two-day Hungarian cultural festival in Brussels from 8-9 September.

At the HUNGAstRY Festival, staged for the third time in the downtown Cinquantenaire Park, the visitors could view among others "170 years of the Hungarian Defence Forces", the travelling exhibition of the Museum of Military History, the displays of the re-enactors, and also they could attend the English-language museum-pedagogical sessions for children. During the interactive displays the museum educators guided the visitors into four historical periods: they presented the clothing and weapons of the Hungarian Hussars of 1848, the uniform and equipment of a Hungarian Honvéd infantry soldier from 1914, the equipment of the infantry soldier of the Royal Hungarian Army from 1939, and the equipment of the mechanised infantry soldier of the Hungarian People’s Army from the 1980s.

In addition to the gastronomical and cultural programs, modern and folk music concerts, dance performances and children’s programs waited for the many thousands of visitors.


Photos of the MoD MHIM