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Afghanistan Another-View

Szöveg: Péter Snoj |  2013. január 25. 9:02

On January 18 the audience in Kossuth Club, Budapest was introduced to the latest book written by Lt.-Col. (MD) Dr. István Toperczer, a photo album entitled “Afganisztán Más- Képp” (Afghanistan Another-View), which was published by the Zrínyi Publishing House.

Lt.-Col. (MD) Dr. István Toperczer serves as a head physician at the HDF 59th ‘Szentgyörgyi
Dezső’ Air Base in Kecskemét. He completed two tours of duty with the HDF Provincial
Reconstruction Team in Afghanistan. Answering our question in the evening of the book
launch, he told us that this way he had opportunity to see the wonders of the country during
all the four seasons.


“On returning home, I thought I should write a book not only about the soldiers but also about
the country itself. I wanted to introduce what this country is really like, what kind of people
live there and what are its culture and history like", the author said.

“I think this book is suitable to present the impressions about Afghanistan in an entirely
different way, so it has the title “Another-View" so that we can know the country not only
from the war correspondents’ reports but also from this book, which gives a taste of it", the
lieutenant-colonel added.

According to the author, it is important that, besides seeing the war side of the country
through a soldier’s eyes, those serving with the missions in Afghanistan be able to notice its
natural, cultural and life-related values as well.


The book is not the first publication by the head physician of the Kecskemét Air Base.
Earlier he wrote a book which was published in 2002 under the title “Felhőlovagok"
(Cloud Knights) and introduced ten years (1991–2001) of the Hungarian Air Force. He also
authored the photo album “Indokína" (“Indochina") which appeared in 2005 and contains the
results of his journeys to Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam between 2003 and 2005. The Zrínyi
Publishing House has already published several albums of his, including “Forgószárnyas
huszárok" (Rotary-Wing Hussars (2007)), “Ég – Szín – Tér" (Sky-Color-Space (2009)) and
“LégTérErő" (Airspace Force (2010)).

Photo: Tünde Rácz