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Defence Minister Unveils Hungarian Soldiers’ Memorial

Szöveg: / |  2012. január 18. 10:55

On Sunday, January 15 Defence Minister Dr. Csaba Hende attended the unveiling ceremony of a World War II monument in the town of Belényes (Beius), in the south of Bihor County, Romania. The memorial commemorates those ten Hungarian soldiers (‘honvéd’, ie. ‘homeguards’), who were wounded in action at the battles around the town in 1944 and died a hero’s death in a military hospital. The ceremony was organized by the Country Youth Association, the representatives of the established churches of Belényes, and the Bihor County and Belényes organizations of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (DAHR).

The remembrance ceremony started with an ecumenical Holy Mass in the Roman Catholic church of Belényes, and continued with speeches. Adrian Domocos, the mayor of Belényes welcomed the invited high-ranking guests and the commemorators in Romanian, stressing that death and heroism have neither religion nor ethnicity, so the Romanians of Belényes consider as martyrs the Hungarian troops buried in the cemetery. County councilor and artist János Miklós greeted the people gathering around the memorial to be unveiled in the Roman Catholic and Reformed cemetery, and shared with them all the information that has come to light over the years about the Hungarian soldiers resting there.

In his speech, Defence Minister Dr. Csaba Hende pointed out that the bloody 20th century was an era of suffering and waging wars, but now we have to fight that battle which helps us find the road to peace together.

“Our task is to win the peace in which it goes without saying that everybody dreams in his or her own native tongue, and we understand that others attach the same importance to it. Today Romania is an ally of Hungary, we have started towards each other, and are jointly seeking the road to peace", the Minister said.

After DAHR Senator Attila Cseke’s speech, Csaba Hende and Adrian Domocos unveiled the memorial. The commemoration finished with laying wreaths.

Photo:, MoD Military Heritage and War Grave Care Department