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EUFOR Chief of Staff visited AFBiH and EUFOR combined training action in Kiseljak

Szöveg: |  2017. szeptember 11. 9:00

On 7 September 2017 EUFOR Chief Of Staff, Brigadier General Szpisják, visited the 2 Bn/ 5 Bde of the Armed Forces of BiH (AFBiH) in Kiseljak, where they were conducting a training package in coordination with EUFORs Multination battalion (MNBN). The military training focused on urbanized terrain preparation. The training will last an entire one week period (04.09-08.09) and involves one platoon from 2 Bn operating with one Austrian platoon from the MNBN.
Commanding Officer Liutenant Colonel Josip Sliskovic welcomed COS EUFOR. At a meeting, he briefed him on the Bn’s background, structure and, the current training activities. He highlighted that the first time that a high ranking officer has made a visit to Kiseljak. Lt Col Slikovic discussed with COS the constraints that the 2 Bn face including a lack of manpower and equipment. Without the support of EUFOR they would struggle to be able take part in the combine training. Brigadier General Szpisják considers it is important to EUFOR to continue to cooperate with AFBIH.


COS stated that developing the capacity and capabilities of the AFBiH is one of the most important tasks for EUFOR. Brigadier General Szpisják underlined the importance of the Combine training as the basic condition for the further development of Armed Forces.


After the friendly discussion COS and Lt Col Slikovic visited the combine training area. Here COS was informed about the training activity from the Commander of the MNBN and Platoon commanders. Everyone appreciated the importance of joint training and stressed the need for continued co-operation.


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