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EUFOR Headquarters Hosts International Medal Parade

Szöveg: / |  2017. december 23. 9:00

On 19 December 2017 Commander EUFOR, Major General Anton Waldner, presided over an international medal parade at EUFOR Headquarters in Camp Butmir, Sarajevo. Forty-eight service personnel received the European Union Common Security and Defence Policy Medal ‘Althea’ in recognition of their service in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Commander EUFOR told recipients that they should wear their medals with pride, as each person represents the practical and positive affirmation of support from their government to the people of BiH. He also expressed gratitude to the families of troops left at home while their loved one supports BiH in maintaining a safe and secure environment.

Among those supportive families is the mother of Private Cathia Fercher from Switzerland. Pte Fercher explained: “My mother is very happy I am coming home. I have been away for the last two Christmases including serving with KFOR in Kosovo last year. I am very proud to have served on ‘Operation Althea’, but I am looking forward to being at home."

Lt Col Engin Haspolat, who commanded the parade, misses his wife and son who are at home in Turkey but he enjoys working in EUFOR. He said: “Being in Bosnia and Herzegovina is really pleasant. It is good to work in a multi-national environment and to support the people of BiH."

Currently troops from 14 EU member states and 5 partner nations work in EUFOR, supporting BiH on the path towards its EU accession. Turkey, Switzerland and Hungary were represented at this parade.