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European Military Journalists Meet in Budapest

Szöveg: László Szűcs |  2017. október 18. 9:40

Between 17–21 October, the European Military Press Association (EMPA) is holding its annual congress in Budapest, Hungary. The official opening ceremony of the event took place in Stefánia Palace on Tuesday evening.


Zoltán Benkóczy – the managing director of the host organization MoD Zrínyi Mapping and Communication Servicing Non-Profit Ltd – thanked the members of the EMPA Board for their having accepted Hungary’s offer to host the congress. He pointed out the importance of communication, emphasizing that EMPA plays a significant role in this regard.


In his opening speech, EMPA President Brig.-Gen. Wolfgang Peischel considered it important to highlight cooperation and dialogue, to which the present event can contribute as well. He underlined that some of the participants had already attended the previous congress held in Hungary in 2001.


The General Meeting of the EMPA Congress is to be held in a hotel in Budapest on Wednesday. On Thursday, the military journalists participating in the event will travel to Táborfalva to witness a training event of the HDF 2nd vitéz Árpád Bertalan Special Operations Forces Brigade, and then to Kecskemét, where they are going to visit the HDF 59th Dezső Szentgyörgyi Air Base. On Friday, they will be introduced to the workings of the “workshop" of Hungarian military press, the communication branch of the MoD Zrínyi Mapping and Communication Servicing Non-Profit Ltd.

Photo: Zoltán Tischler