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László Szűcs


KFOR – Two Decades in Kosovo

2019. június 3. 6:17

What tasks do NATO-led KFOR peacekeepers have in Kosovo? How has the mission and the country changed in the past twenty years since the arrival of the first peacekeepers? Among other things, we also received answers to these questions at a press tour organized by the NATO Headquarters, to which was also invited.


They Spoke a Common Language

2018. szeptember 21. 7:11

The Serbian-American-Hungarian multinational exercise Neighbours 2018 ended with a spectacular urban combat demonstration of the soldiers of the participating nations on Thursday, 20th September in the “Ruin City” under the supervision of the Újdörögd Training Base.


Co-operation in a Disaster Situation

2018. április 30. 7:24

More than two hundred Hungarian soldiers participated KFOR’s this year’s first high visibility exercise Silver Sabre 2018. The Pristina airport and the Kosovo Security Force (KSF), i.e. the Pomozatin camp hosted the spectacular training exercise.


“Security Is Unfortunately Still Fragile”

2017. november 29. 9:00

Since 6 October, Brig.-Gen. János Csombók has been the Deputy Commander of the KFOR mission (DCOM KFOR). He is the second Hungarian general to assume this highly important position in the NATO-led peacekeeping operation. We had a conversation with him.


Coordination, Assistance and Advice

2017. október 27. 9:00

Col. (MD) Dr. Zoltán Vekerdi, Head of the Defence Health Care Institute functioning under the HDF Medical Centre Directorate for Defence Health Issues will serve in a NATO position in Kosovo for one year starting from 16 October. He will be tasked with coordinating and professionally mentoring the expected transformation of the medical support system for troops serving with the KFOR peacekeeping mission in Kosovo.


EMPA Congress Ends in Budapest

2017. október 24. 10:05

The European Military Press Association (EMPA) Congress 2017 ended with a closing event held in the MoD Institute and Museum of Military History, Budapest on the evening of Friday, 20 October.


European Military Journalists Meet in Budapest

2017. október 18. 9:40

Between 17–21 October, the European Military Press Association (EMPA) is holding its annual congress in Budapest, Hungary. The official opening ceremony of the event took place in Stefánia Palace on Tuesday evening.


Trust and Esteem

2017. május 5. 9:25

Trust and esteem – these have been the characteristics of the work done by Portuguese and Hungarian troops in the KFOR Tactical Reserve Battalion over the last few years, Maj.-Gen. János Huszár, Commander, HDF Joint Force Command stated on Friday, 28 April in Pristina.


Prestigious Recognition for the Vienna Delegation of the War History Archives

2017. március 31. 9:00

In 2016, the award “Foreign research center of the year” founded by the Hungarian Society for Family History Research was given to the Vienna delegation of the War History Archives of the MoD Institute and Museum of Military History (MoD IMMH). Two staff members of the delegation, Maj. Dr. Norbert Számvéber and Dr. Balázs Lázár received the award from the representatives of the society in the building of Collegium Hungaricum Wien in Vienna, on 28 March.


After Activation, Before Inauguration

2016. október 18. 9:00

On 1 September 2016, the Hungarian NATO Force Integration Unit (NFIU) was activated as Hungary’s first command and control element in NATO’s force structure. But what is exactly the role of this Székesfehérvár-based unit operating as a NATO international military headquarters?