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László Szűcs - 26. oldal


The Hobbies of a Master Diver: Diving and Teaching

2008. április 30. 6:46

I have known Sergeant-Major Róbert Márton for years. Being a journalist covering various training courses organised for military divers I had a chance to met him nearly every occasion, be it the training pool of the diver training centre at the Szentes barracks, at the bank of the Holt-Tisza near Csongrád, or on the azure waters of the lakes of Nyékládháza, created in the location of former mines.


Future Leaders Learn From Their Own Difficulties

2008. április 28. 6:21

It is the second week of the spring Special Combat Infantry Course of the Hungarian Defence Forces. During the last few days the participants have been performing tasks near the Újdörögd training base. was there to monitor a training exercise day.


Sharpshooter To Set Off For Sarajevo

2008. április 25. 6:07

He is preparing for his third mission, and instead of a gunner, this time a sharpshooter will arrive to the combat operational area. In addition to this, Sergeant József Urbán would like to serve longer than the standard 15 years’ service required from contracted soldiers.


Carrot Cream Soup with Oranges and an Unconventional Form Master’s Class

2008. április 23. 10:47

On 17 April, HDF 25th ’György Klapka’ Infantry Brigade welcomed those interested in the armed forces and the Tata barracks with open gates and barriers. Thousands have attended the all day event, and in the afternoon Minister of Defence Dr. Imre Szekeres visited the site and met students. Our correspondent was there to report on the day.


“Mission Impossible – Szentes”: at the Bank of the Tisza River

2008. április 22. 6:04

It’s ’high season’ for training exercises in Szentes. Every year, late winter or early spring the Technical Battalion organises training courses for technical operators. At the moment there are three different trainings going on simultaneously.


Rattle of Firearms in Tata

2008. április 14. 6:16

One would suppose that among those interested in the open day of the Land Operations Department of ’Zrínyi Miklós’ University of National Defence (ZMNE), ’Kossuth Lajos’ Military Science Faculty, there are more uniformed students than civilians. However, this was not the case. The latest event – held in Tata – was attended mainly by students majoring in Security Policy. Naturally, was there to report on the day.


From Szolnok to Cold Lake, via the Moose’s Jaw

2008. április 14. 6:00

The Canadian aircraft pilot training programme of the Hungarian Defence Forces is the most successful project among those aimed at educating a new generation of well-trained experts for the HDF. Within the framework of the NFTC (NATO Flying Training in Canada) Programme, each year eight students have a chance to go to Canada to learn the basics of military aviation. The training consists of four phases, with the first phase in Hungary, where students fly Jak–52 training aircrafts at the Szolnok Helicopter Base. visited the site to inquire about the details of the programme.