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László Szűcs - 3. oldal


Appreciation for the Work Accomplished

2013. március 16. 6:08

Brig.-Gen. Péter Ernő Siposs was awarded the Austrian Military Merit Decoration of the Bundesheer on March 1 in Sarajevo. The Hungarian general has been Chief of Staff in the EUFOR Althea mission over the last one year.


They Have Proven Themselves in the Balkans and Afghanistan

2013. március 13. 17:04

“Working in an international environment is a constant professional challenge, where besides the professional expertise, the man himself, the allied soldier and through him the armed forces and the country sending him are put to the test day after day” – this was what Brig.- Gen. Albert Sáfár said in Tata on March 7.


Service Abroad By High Professional Standards

2013. március 11. 9:00

Speaking at a ceremony in the presence of the soldiers serving at the headquarters, Maj.-Gen. Dieter Heidecker, the commander of EUFOR thanked outgoing Chief of Staff Brig.-Gen. Péter Ernő Siposs for his work on Friday, March 1 in Sarajevo. Another Hungarian soldier, Brig.-Gen. (Eng.) József Szpisják will fill the position in the coming months. (Reporting from the spot!)


Hungarian Military Bands Have Good Reputation in Germany

2013. február 21. 9:07

Col. Zsolt Csizmadia recently participated in a conference on military music in Hammelburg, Germany, at the invitation of the chief conductor of the Bundeswehr, the German Federal Defence Forces. The chief conductor of the Hungarian Defence Forces gave a presentation on the history of Hungarian military music.


Only a Few Days Left…

2013. február 14. 9:10

There are only a few days left before the soldiers of the seventh rotation of the HDF KFOR Contingent (KFOR-7 HUN CON) complete their tour of duty in Kosovo. We interviewed Lt.- Col. István Kása, the commander of the contingent about the tasks executed over the last six months.


Countries Turn Their Attention Towards Multinational Solutions

2013. január 28. 9:03

Last year we reorganized our relations in military diplomacy, the attaché office system is in harmony with the changes that have occurred in our security policy situation – Minister of Defence Csaba Hende stressed in Stefánia Palace, Budapest.


Some for the First Time, Some for the Eighth Time…

2012. december 13. 11:15

Like in every other mission, there are many soldiers in the seventh rotation of the HDF KFOR Contingent who are on their umpteenth tour of duty abroad. Part of the troops, however, is deploying with the mission for the first time.


We Need to Train for the Task!

2012. december 6. 16:13

“Two Nations – One Force” – Lt.-Col. José Talambas, the commander of the unit tells us the motto of the Portuguese–Hungarian KFOR Tactical Reserve Maneuver Battalion (KTM) which is stationed in Camp Slim Lines, Pristina.


The COMKFOR’s „Eyes and Ears”

2012. december 1. 9:00

They have the primary mission of keeping contact with the local public figures. Additionally, they often stop people on the street to ask their opinion about the country’s security or economic situation. They form a special KFOR “unit”, the Liaison Monitoring Team (LMT). Reporting from the spot.


Fire, Water and Plexiglas Shield

2012. november 28. 8:56

With Molotov-cocktails going off around them, the soldiers serving with the Hungarian maneuver company of the KFOR Tactical Reserve Maneuver Battalion (KTM) deployed water cannons and even an earthmover in Pristina, Kosovo on Tuesday, November 20.