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We Need to Train for the Task!

Szöveg: László Szűcs |  2012. december 6. 16:13

“Two Nations – One Force” – Lt.-Col. José Talambas, the commander of the unit tells us the motto of the Portuguese–Hungarian KFOR Tactical Reserve Maneuver Battalion (KTM) which is stationed in Camp Slim Lines, Pristina.


Answering our question, the commander of the battalion told us that the KTM is a reserve battalion which is under direct control of COMKFOR and assists the work of international battle groups operating in Kosovo if needed.

The primary missions of the battalion are participation in Crowd Riot Control (CRC) operations, patrolling, setting up and operating checkpoints as well as planning, organizing and executing movement operations.

Around 300 troops serve in Camp Slim Lines, near the KFOR HQ in Pristina. The Hungarian/Portuguese ratio is approximately one to one, the commander added. In his opinion, cooperation between peacekeepers of the two nations is very good.


“This is a unit that needs to train for the task all the time", Lt.-Col. Talambas said, adding that they conduct training sessions in the camp every week. During these trainings, the Hungarian and Portuguese soldiers assist each other in their work, even playing the role of the OPFOR if needed so that the peacekeepers can rehearse their tasks under most realistic circumstances.

“The Hungarian soldiers are professional, their cooperation with the Portuguese troops is outstanding", the commander of the battalion pointed out. According to him, the two nations’ peacekeepers can learn a lot from each other on their joint tour of duty abroad.

Photo: Tünde Rácz