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László Szűcs - 5. oldal


Only a Couple of Weeks Left…

2012. július 3. 16:00

There are only a couple of weeks left before the mission ends for the 10th rotation of the HDF EUFOR Contingent (EUFOR-10 HUN CON). We asked the commander of the Hungarian peacekeeping subunit – which has served over the last six months in Bosnia-Herzegovina – about the planned and the accomplished tasks.


EUFOR ALTHEA To Be Transformed

2012. június 18. 9:32

The EUFOR Operation ALTHEA of the European Union in Bosnia-Herzegovina is going to change, Maj.-Gen. Robert Brieger, the commander of EUFOR (COM EUFOR) told journalists after his meeting with Maj.-Gen. László Domján, the commander of the HDF Joint Force Command.


Two Nations – One Force

2012. június 13. 12:26

“There is an excellent cooperation between the Hungarian and Portuguese soldiers, and as a commander I’m satisfied with the work of the peacekeepers serving in the camp” – Lt.-Col. José Manuel Dos Santos Sá, the Portuguese commander of the KFOR Tactical Reserve Maneuver Battalion (KTM) deployed in Pristina told us in an exclusive interview.


The Ones Who Support the Contingent – Reporting from Kosovo

2012. június 12. 9:45

As the saying goes, “there are no armed forces without logistics”. This is especially true in the environment of a mission. The soldiers serving with the sixth rotation of the HDF KFOR Contingent in Kosovo are well aware that the peacekeepers would not be able to perform their duties without the professionalism of the personnel serving with the support company.


Maintaining Presence – Reporting from Kosovo

2012. június 8. 10:10

The infantry company – the Hungarian module of the joint Hungarian–Portuguese KFOR Tactical Reserve Maneuver Battalion (KTM)) is one of the key elements of the HDF KFOR Contingent (KFOR-6 HUN CON) serving in Kosovo. Being under the direct command and control of the commander of KFOR (COMKFOR), the area of responsibility of this international subunit covers the whole territory of Kosovo.


The Chaplain is a Psychologist Too – Reporting from Kosovo

2012. június 6. 9:28

The role of the military chaplain on a mission abroad is even more important than “back at home” in the barracks. The distance separating them from their families makes soldiers much more sensitive and therefore susceptible to religious issues. At least, this is the opinion of 1st Lt. István Rácz, Roman Catholic military chaplain who is currently serving with the sixth rotation of the HDF KFOR contingent in Kosovo.


Sixth Rotation at Halfway Point – Reporting from Kosovo

2012. június 3. 6:00

The mission of the sixth rotation of the HDF KFOR contingent (KFOR-6 HUN CON) serving in Pristina, Kosovo has reached halfway point, as three months have passed since their arrival in the area of operations. We asked Lt.-Col. András Polyák, the commander of the contingent about the Hungarian peacekeepers’ recent and upcoming tasks.


If a Soldier Falls Ill… – Reporting from Kosovo

2012. június 2. 6:04

In a military mission abroad, far away from Hungary, the provision of medical care for the troops is one of the most important tasks. Based in Pristina, the capital of Kosovo, the HDF KFOR contingent has a well-equipped medical center for this purpose, where Portuguese soldiers work together with the Hungarians.


Feel the Pulse of Kosovo – Reporting from Kosovo

2012. június 1. 17:43

They are the eye and ear of the commander of KFOR, being tasked with supplying the leaders of the peacekeeping mission in Kosovo with various important pieces of information. For this reason, their slogan is “Feel the pulse of Kosovo”.


Departing for Missions in Afghanistan and the Balkans

2012. május 12. 6:06

“You are going on missions to help create a framework for nations, tribes and families living in the shadow of war so they can find the ways and possibilities of peace and stability” – Dr. Csaba Hende said in Tata on Tuesday, May 8. The Minister of Defence attended the farewell ceremony of the eight rotation of the HDF Operational Mentoring and Liaison Team (OMLT), the seventh one of the HDF Mi-35 Air Mentor Team (AMT), the third one of the HDF Mi-17 Air Advisory Team as well as the soldiers to be posted to fill individual positions in the Balkans Joint Operational Area (JOA).