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László Szűcs - 2. oldal


Knowledge Hub and Knowledge Management

2016. október 9. 9:02

The NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine – the medical “citadel” of the Hungarian Defence Forces – is housed in the Róbert Károly Krt. premises of the Military Hospital in Budapest. Col. (MD) Dr. László Fazekas was appointed the new director of the organization in mid-July. We interviewed him about the plans of the Centre of Excellence.


Successful Serbian–Hungarian Cooperation of Warship Crews

2015. október 9. 9:00

After the end of Exercise Iron Cat 2015, the Hungarian warships have returned to the military port of Újpest. Lt.-Col. Zsolt Szilágyi, Deputy Commander, HDF 1st EOD and Warship Regiment stated that “the Hungarian soldiers have completed this historic live fire exercise with excellent result”.


Historic Live Fire Exercise

2015. szeptember 24. 9:00

“Both the maneuvering and the fire missions have been executed with maximum attention. Almost everybody has achieved excellent results” – this is how Col. Attila Csurgó, the commander of the HDF 1st Honvéd EOD and Warship Regiment assessed the live fire exercise of Hungarian warship crews that took place in the water shooting range of Titel, Serbia on September 18, the VIP Day of Exercise Iron Cat 2015.


Focus on Preventing Biological Infections

2015. június 16. 9:00

”Three hundred fifty medical troops from 14 nations have proven that they are able to work together as a team”, Col. (MD) Dr. László Fazekas, Deputy Director, NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine (NATO MILMED COE) stated after the VIP Day of Exercise Vigorous Warrior 2015 (VW 2015) in Hradec Králove, the Czeh Republic on Thursday, June 11.


Hungarian–Lithuanian Cooperation Agreement Renewed

2015. május 18. 9:00

“As part of our NATO commitment, Hungary will participate in the Baltic Air Policing mission with four Gripen fighters and the deploying ground support personnel for four months, between September and December 2015”, Minister of Defence Csaba Hende said on Thursday, May 14 after he and Lithuanian Minister of National Defence Juozas Olekas signed a renewed cooperation agreement between the two Ministries of Defence.


Professional Trial in a Multinational Environment

2015. március 18. 9:00

The FOURLOG logistic training program is being conducted for the 12th time this year. It is a professional training and cooperative exercise for logistic officer candidates of the Czech Republic, Austria, Serbia and Hungary. This year’s training is taking place between March 8 and 21 in three countries.


Hungarian War Graves Can Be Found Even in Japan and Iran

2015. január 10. 9:00

They have closed an eventful year, and have a lot of tasks ahead this year. This is how Lt.-Col. Roland Maruzs, the head of the MoD Public Relations and War Memorial Service Department Military Traditions and War Memorial Service Section assessed in an interview the work done in 2014 and the tasks to complete in 2015.


Hungarian EOD Technicians Prove Their Skills

2014. október 27. 6:34

Eleven Hungarian soldiers are participating in Exercise Ground Pepper 2014 in Slovakia, which is an element in the preparation for the V4 EU Battle Group. The VIP Day of the exercise was held on Tuesday, October 21 in the area of the military training center on the edge of Lešt.


The Task Could Be Solved Only by Excellent Cooperation

2014. szeptember 29. 9:00

“You were part of a hard and complex mission, you had to guarantee the safe and secure environment in the zone between the opposing parties, not only as soldiers, but sometimes as diplomats or protectors of the order” – Lt.-Gen. Dr. Zoltán Orosz said in the Nitra barracks of the Slovak armed forces on Thursday, September 25.


Hungary Supports Montenegro’s NATO Membership

2013. szeptember 5. 9:00

Creating stability in the Western Balkans is an outstanding priority in Hungary’s foreign and security policy. Hungary firmly supports Montenegro’s swift NATO membership, which is in our strategic interest – Csaba Hende stressed at Podgorica on Friday, August 30.