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Multinational Land Force to be Strengthened

Szöveg: HDF General Staff |  2016. december 2. 9:00

Chief of Defence Gen. Dr. Tibor Benkő recently participated in a discussion about the enlargement and new training activities of the Italian–Slovenian–Hungarian Multinational Land Force in Gemona del Friuli, Italy.

The chiefs of defence of the three member states, together with representatives of the Austrian and Croatian chiefs of defence discussed the accession of Croatia and Austria to the Italian–Slovenian–Hungarian Multi national Land Force (MLF), as well as capability building in the south. The aim of the Defence and Related Security Capacity Building Initiative (DCB) is to assist the recipient countries (Moldova, Georgia, Iraq and Jordan) with the implementation of security and defence reforms. These countries has been chosen by taking into account the geographical balance and the partner nations’ activity, and during the discussions, the representatives of MLF nations raised the possibility of expanding the circle of recipient countries with Tunis and Libya, and, after Montenegro, also with Kosovo and Serbia as cooperating countries.


At the 30 November meeting, the chiefs of defence stated that it is still necessary to maintain military presence in Kosovo and Libya in the interest of regional stability. The further topics of discussion included the participation in a reinforced Eastern European presence, about which it should be emphasized that Hungary has already undertaken to contribute, for training purposes, an infantry company to Estonia in the third quarter of 2017. Italy is also considering the possibility of stationing in Latvia a company-strong force under Canadian command in 2017.

During the discussions, Chief of Defence Gen. Dr. Tibor Benkő explained that Hungary has adopted a consistent, committed and firm position on the crisis caused by migration, and continues to be interested in finding a solution to it on a European level. As he said, the only way to ease the pressure of migration on Europe in the long run is to deal with the root causes, among other by creating stability in Libya as soon as possible, which is therefore is in the interest of Europe and Hungary as well.


The Multinational Land Force (MLF) was established in 1998 with the purpose of promoting closer cooperation among the states of the region, strengthening the regional security and defence capacities and coordinating crisis response operations. Since its establishment, the MLF has been on standby on multiple occasions as a battle group declared to the European Union, and it has also been employed in NATO-led crisis response operations in the Balkans and Afghanistan. The annual exchange training events always take place in a different country, and interoperability is evaluated during the “Clever Ferret" exercises.

After the discussions, the Chief of Defence is paying a visit to the theatre in Cyprus to meet the Hungarian soldiers serving with UNFICYP.

Photo: HDF General Staff