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With Faith and Self-Sacrifice

Szöveg: Zsalakó István |  2010. november 3. 15:41

Former Minister of Defence Posthumous General Pál Maléter was commemorated on November 3 in Tököl. MoD Parliamentary State Secretary Dr. István Simicskó was present and delivered a speech at the event that finished with a wreath-laying ceremony.

Speaking at the commemoration held with military honors, Pál Hoffman, the mayor of Tököl welcomed the participants, including Ms. Judith Gyenes, Pál Maléter’s widow.
In his speech, MoD State Secretary Dr. István Simicskó praised Pál Maléter’s consistent and determined efforts to support the revolution, his faith in its truth and his self-sacrifice which may be held up as an example to today’s soldiers.

“Pál Maléter is a national hero of ours whose sense of responsibility is of lasting value. He took on responsibility for the homeland, running the attendant risks of his decision", the MoD Parliamentary State Secretary said. In what followed, the local schoolchildren and the military heritage preservers went on stage.

After the presentation first Dr. István Simicskó, Maj-Gen. István Juhász, Staff Director, MoD Defence Staff and the mayor of Tököl laid the wreaths of remembrance by the wooden headboard at the entrance to the aerodrome, then the ceremony continued with several NGOs, local and 1956 organizations laying wreaths. Maj-Gen. (Ret.) Sándor Kovács and Brig-Gen. (Ret.) László Dinnyés laid wreaths on behalf of the military wing of the Committee for Historical Justice. Also in attendance were the representatives of the organizations supporting the cause of national defence, including Col. (Ret.) László Péter, President, Hungarian Retired Personnel’s Club Association (HOKOSZ), Col. (Ret.) Ipacs József, a member of the steering board of the National Organization of Hungarian Comrade Associations (BEOSZ) , LTC (Ret.) Dr. Imre Szabó, a member of the steering board of the Association of Hungarian Reservists and Ernő Szelekovszki, President of the National Association of the Hungarian Defence Forces and Society Friendly Circles.

People proceeded from the wooden headboard to Pál Maléter’s statue (sculpted by Zsigmond Szórádi), where the representatives of the Ministry of Defence and the town as well as the former martyr Defence Minister’s widow and the kindergarten children of the town laid the flowers of remembrance.