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Capt. László Nagy


Multinational Military Skill Competition

2012. augusztus 11. 6:00

The HDF EUFOR Contingent (EUFOR-11 HUNCON) organized the Military Skill Competition in Camp Butmir, Sarajevo on August 3. Apart from the Hungarians, the members of the armed forces of Austria, Romania and Turkey participated in the challenging competition. The 15 teams matched their strength, swiftness and endurance in a total of eight events.


Flag raising in Camp Butmir

2012. augusztus 4. 6:01

The flag of the Szentes unit was hoisted up at 8:00 a.m. on 28th July in Camp Butmir, Sarajevo during the ceremonial assembly of the contingent, because most of the peacekeepers serving in the 11th rotation of the HDF EUFOR Contingent are the troops of the HDF 37th “Ferenc Rákóczi II.” Engineer Regiment. The flag, emblazoned with the coat of arms of the Szentes unit, was hoisted between the Hungarian Tricolor and the flag of the EU.