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Ferenc Antal


Welcoming the Soldiers Returning Home from the Iraqi Mission

2019. május 9. 15:08

“The knowledge, experience and sacrifice characterizing you, gives the strength of the Hungarian Defence Forces. We are very proud of you!” – Lt.-Gen. Gábor Böröndi, the Deputy Commander of the Hungarian Defence Forces (HDF) welcomed the members of the seventh rotation of the HDF Iraqi Training Support Contingent (HDF ITSC) on 9th May, in Debrecen.


The Battle of Mohács is the Symbol of Home Defence

2018. augusztus 29. 8:43

In honour of the heroes fallen in the Battle of Mohács, pilgrims set off again walking and on horseback so that by following the former route of the Army of King Lajos II, they arrive on the Mohács battlefield by 29th of August.


Memorial of Dezső Szentgyörgyi Re-inaugurated

2018. augusztus 28. 14:30

The memorial of WO Vitéz Dezső Szentgyörgyi, the most successful fighter pilot of the Royal Hungarian Honvéd Airforce was re-inaugurated on Tuesday, 28th August in the Farkasréti Cemetery, Budapest.


Hungarian Airmen in Afghanistan

2018. január 16. 9:00

As part of the event series Open Science University, Brig.-Gen. Dr. József Koller, Commander, HDF 86th Szolnok Helicopter Base recently gave a lecture in Stefánia Palace – Military Cultural Centre, Budapest.


Judo World Championships begin

2017. augusztus 30. 9:00

The 2017 Judo World Championships began in Budapest on Monday, 28 August with a spectacular opening ceremony at the László Papp Sport Arena.


End of the Sniper World Cup

2017. május 15. 9:23

The 15th Police and Military Sniper World Cup took place with the participation of military and police snipers from 17 countries. The closing day of the world competition organized by Hungary was held in the Law Enforcement Training Centre of the National Police Headquarters (NPH) in Budapest.


Past the Military Day of the Sniper World Cup

2017. május 14. 10:33

The three-day 15th Police and Military Sniper World Cup was held on the Nagytétény shooting range of the National Police Headquarters and the Tatárszentgyörgy and Táborfalva ranges of the Hungarian Defence Forces. On the second day of the exciting competition, the participants had to execute nine exercises.


Advanced Knife Combat Techniques

2016. június 25. 10:12

Dean Rostohar, director and chief instructor of the Special Warrior Operation Group (SPECWOG) Warrior Combat Club recently held a two-day “Advanced Knife Combat Techniques” training seminar in Budapest. During the seminar, the trainees practiced various combat techniques and drills to acquire knife/counter-knife combat skills, and also to learn how to harmonize the movements of their body with the use of the knife, and how to respond to possible real-world attacks.


By Ship and „On Their Own Wheels”

2015. június 6. 9:39

Foreign troops and military equipment are deploying to Exercise Capable Logistician 2015. On Wednesday, 3 June the equipment of a German logistic battalion was unloaded at the port of Gönyű, near Győr.


US Ambassador Visits Szolnok

2015. május 12. 9:00

On Friday, May 8 Colleen Bell, Ambassador of the United States of America to Hungary paid a professional visit in the company of Minister of Defence Csaba Hende to the “Lt. Ittebei Kiss József” Helicopter Base in Szolnok where she was informed about the special operations forces (SOF) capability of the Hungarian Defence Forces.