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Multinational Battalion Medal Parade

2013. július 27. 11:06

MNBN Medal Parade_8 On 05 July 2013 the departing soldiers of the Multinational Battalion (MNBN) were awarded with the “European Union Common Security and Defence Policy Medal”. This memorable ceremony was attended by the Commander of EUFOR, Major General Dieter HEIDECKER, as well as other high-ranking staff officers from the Headquarters of EUFOR, including the Chief of Staff, Brigadier General József SZPISJÁK.


Greater engagement and cooperation between EUFOR and BiH Law Enforcement Agencies

2013. június 30. 13:37

CHIEF OF STAFF (COS) EUFOR held a meeting with Chief PSC BIJELJINA on 12 Jun 13 and agreed to increase the engagement levels between EUFOR and BiH Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs). COS EUFOR, Brigadier General József SZPISJÁK paid a visit to the Public Security Centre (PSC) in BIJELJINA where he met with Mr. Vasilije ANDRIC. As Chief of the PSC BJILJINA, Mr. ANDRIC is responsible for all security arrangements during the upcoming commemorations in SREBRENICA and BRATIUNAC.


Visit of EUFOR Chief of Staff to BHMAC

2013. május 27. 9:00

On 16th May 2013, COM EUFOR, Brigadier General József SZPISJÁK, paid a visit to BiH Mine Action Center (BHMAC) in Sarajevo. He was greeted by BHMAC Director, Mr Dušan GAVRAN.