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International Mine Action Day and EUFOR Mine Risk Education

2014. április 7. 9:00

4th April is International Mine Action Day and this is especially important for BiH. It is estimated that there are still around 120,000 mines spread across 9,400 locations in BiH and this is a threat to 540,000 citizens or 15% of the population.


Full Operational Capability of the Hungarian company

2014. március 16. 11:02

The Multinational Battalion of the EUFOR in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH) consists of a Turkish and a Hungarian infantry coy and a staff of Turkish, Hungarian and Austrian soldiers. On the 5th of March the battalion commander, Lt.Col. Harald Scharf inspected the mission-readiness of the Hungarian infantry coy, which has been in the theatre since January this year.


Gender Conference – Gender in the defence sector of BiH

2014. március 13. 9:00

On 10th March 2014, EUFOR conducted a conference titled ‘Gender in the Defence Sector’ in Camp Butmir, Sarajevo. The aim of the conference, opened by EUFOR Chief of Staff, Brigadier General András Szücs, was to discuss experiences in gender issues.


EUFOR Chief of Staff Handover Takeover Ceremony

2014. február 28. 9:00

On 25 Feb 14, the EUFOR Chief of Staff Handover Takeover Ceremony took place at Camp Butmir, Sarajevo, where Brigadier General József Szpisják handed over the EUFOR Chief of Staff Role to Brigadier General András Szűcs, both of whom serve with the Hungarian Army.


COS EUFOR joins International War March

2013. október 30. 8:39

On 23 October 2013, the Chief of Staff of EUFOR, Brigadier General József Szpisják, joined military personnel from both EUFOR and NATO HQ Sa on a war road march near Mountain Igman, BiH. 7 international military personnel from both EUFOR HQ and NATO HQ Sa in Camp BUTMIR marched 13km along a 40 km road. The road was the main supply route for Sarajevo during the 1992-95 conflict.


COS EUFOR attends Armed Forces of BiH Distinguished Visitors Display Day

2013. október 16. 10:01

On 8 October 2013 the Chief of Staff (COS) of EUFOR, Brigadier General József SZPISJÁK attended the Armed Forces of BiH (AF BiH) Distinguished Visitors Day (DVD) for Exercise Dynamic Response. The aim of the DVD for Exercise Dynamic Response 13-4 which was held at the Manjaca training range near Banja Luka, was to test and improve the operational capability of BiH Armed Forces commands and units.


EUFOR acting in conjunction with the Directorate for the Coordination of Police Bodies

2013. október 15. 9:00

On 02 October 2013, The Chief of Staff (COS) EUFOR, Brigadier General József SZPISJÁK, paid an official visit to the Directorate for the Coordination of Police Bodies (DCPB). The visit was focused on continuing the practical cooperation between EUFOR and Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) including providing an update on the procedures and status of EUFOR/NATO Identification cards.


Multinational Battalion troop rotation at EUFOR

2013. július 30. 9:22

Multinational Battalion troop rotation at EUFOR_3 On 16 Jul 13, the current Austrian troops held at readiness inside EUFOR’s Camp Butmir, SARAJEVO were replaced by a new contingent of Hungarian soldiers.


H-COY – Hungry for the Mission

2013. július 29. 12:01

H-COY – Hungry for the Mission_1 July 13 saw a new Hungarian Company join the Multinational Battalion, EUFOR’s military maneuver unit inside Bosnia and Herzegovina. Maintaining stability in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is considered very important to the Hungarian Government and this has been demonstrated through their continued support of the EUFOR mission. Hungarian Defence Forces (HDF) have been participating in Operation ALTHEA since 2004 as one of the main troop contributing nations.


Planning for Quick Response 2

2013. július 28. 10:16

Planning for Quick Response 2_1 On 9 July 2013, the Initial Planning Conference for the next EUFOR Operational Rehearsal Exercise “Quick Response 2” took place in EUFOR HQ, Camp Butmir. The Initial Planning Conference (IPC), which covered the planning and preparation of the second EUFOR Operational Rehearsal in 2013 was officially opened by the COS EUFOR, Brigadier General József SZPISJÁK.