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EMPA Congress Continues with General Meeting

Szöveg: |  2017. október 19. 11:40

Between 17–21 October, the European Military Press Association (EMPA) is holding its annual congress in Budapest. The related General Meeting took place in the capital on the morning of the 18th.


Danubius Hotel Arena in Budapest hosted the General Meeting of this year’s EMPA Congress. The meeting was opened by EMPA President Brig.-Gen. Wolfgang Peischel on Wednesday morning. During the session, the participants approved the annual budget of the organization, the annual report on last year’s activities and the revised EMPA Statutes. Besides, awards were presented to members for their outstanding work. The Best Article Award went to Markus Tiedke, and the Best Photo Award to Andrea Bienert, both of them working on the staff of the German Y Magazine. Other topics of discussion included the programs scheduled for 2018.


The journalists attending the Congress are going to travel to Táborfalva on Thursday to witness a training event of the HDF 2nd vitéz Árpád Bertalan Special Operations Forces Brigade, and to Kecskemét to visit the HDF 59th Dezső Szentgyörgyi Air Base. On Friday, they will be introduced to the workings of the Communication Branch of MoD Zrínyi Mapping and Communication Servicing Non-Profit Ltd.


Photo: Zoltán Tischler