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Kosovo Schools Receive Assistance for Language Teaching

Szöveg: Lt. Andor Gyeginszky |  2014. október 24. 12:26

Three educational institutions in Kosovo recently received close to 1,000 quality and modern English textbooks and workbooks. The HDF KFOR Contingent has helped delivering a donation of the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid to the local students. Thanks to the new books, they can now learn the language much more efficiently than before.


Knowledge of a foreign language opens up many new gates before the young people of Kosovo. The English-speaking ones have much better chance to find a job after finishing their studies. On receiving the donation, the heads of the institutions involved and the specialized teachers told us that the educational system of the region is currently facing many challenges. Among others, there is a shortage of quality modern textbooks. This shortage is now overcome, thanks to the donation of the charity organization.


The language teachers of the schools – including a volunteer teacher from the USA – told Capt. Szilárd Sajtos, the field chaplain of the KFOR Contingent that they would make good use of the books, as the course material covered by them is up-to-date, easy-to-use and properly structured, so they hope that it will raise the standards of education in a spectacular way.


Apart from helping the needy in Kosovo, the objective of the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid with this donation is to help build up consent in the local population in furtherance of the Hungarian soldiers’ mission in areas where Hungarian peacekeepers regularly conduct presence patrolling.