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Remembering a Dutch Admiral

Szöveg: SSgt. László Karámos |  2016. február 22. 9:00

On the initiative of DCOM KFOR’s Office, the Hungarian and Dutch troops serving in Camp Film City held a Dutch–Hungarian commemoration at the KFOR HQ in Pristina.


The soldiers of two nations gathered in the Hungarian House, which was recently renovated with the help of the HDF Joint Force Command. There, they saw a film made in 2005 about the life of Dutch Admiral Michiel Adriaenszoon de Ruyter. The commentator of historical events adapted for the screen was Lt.-Col. Johannes Zoutendijk, the Dutch senior national representative in KFOR.

The choice of the film was not accidental, because 340 years ago, on 12 February 1676 the Dutch admiral freed 26 Hungarian Protestant preachers from galley slavery in the Gulf of Naples. Being the victims of trials of Protestants, the ministers had been sentenced on trumped-up charges and held in captivity for two years.


Photos: Lt.-Col. Dr. Attila Murinkó (MA to DCOM KFOR)