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US Marines at Hódmezővásárhely

Szöveg: 2nd Lt Csaba Búz |  2015. július 27. 9:00

A USMC MTT took a course for the soldiers of the HDF 5. Bocskai István Infantry Brigade in the middle of July.


Three Marines from the 2nd Battallion, 8th Marine Regiment – now deployed in Romania – came to the Zrínyi Miklós Barracks, Hódmezővásárhely to instruct Hungarian partners about squad and platoon level commanding procedures of dismounted patrols including OPORD and immediate reactions. Soldiers from both nations realized many similarities among their procedures.

The first day for the platoons (one from each infantry battalion of the brigade) was spent with theoretical lessons on which the Marines made their partners familiar with their methods and preparations before patrolling missions. Instructors also shared their experiences collected during their deployments. Both sides discussed their own SOP’s pointing out the differences and similarities.

On the next two days the Hungarian soldiers carried out the above topics in the field at Sándorfalva training area. They conducted raids, ambushes, immediate reactions and the establishment of a patrol base.

According to the agreement between the Hungarian Defense Forces and the United States Marine Corps, soldiers and marines shared their experiences to know each other’s skills – sad 1st Lt Schlesinger. He also added: „I was satisfied with them, and I liked the way they conducted operations in a wooden area."

Hungarians consider this training very useful despite of its short term. Of course, there were several dissimilarities between the SOP’s, but the most of the divergences came from the different size and structure of the units.


Photos by the author