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„Hungary is a Well-Respected Member of the Alliance”

Szöveg: Béla Révész |  2019. március 22. 9:57

The photo exhibition, organised on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Hungary’s NATO-accession was opened by Tibor Benkő, the Minister of Defence on Thursday, 21st March in the Stefánia Palace – Honvéd Cultural Centre.

In his festive speech opening the exhibition Minister of Defence pointed out that Hungary had committed itself twenty years ago, to join such a community, which is able to serve a democratic world order. As he noted, the NATO membership entails not only potentials and benefits, but responsibilities and obligations as well. Therefore each country must have such defence capabilities, which comply with the expectations of the Allied System. “Hungary has to create such a strong, independent capability, by which it can guarantee peace, security and a future of security" – emphasised the Minister of Defence.

Regarding the present and the future of NATO, Tibor Benkő underlined that the Alliance can be really strong, if the uniform objectives set out by it are considered equally important by all of its members, and they make steps to put these into effect. Hungary is on the right track in this respect, therefore the Government launched the National Defence and Armed Forces Development Program, by the implementation of which the Hungarian Defence Forces will become the determining armed forces of the region by 2026. “Hungary is a well-respected member of the Alliance, and at the same time it is committed to its unity and strength. We must therefore do all we can for the timely implementation of the pledges we made towards NATO – Minister of Defence Tibor Benkő said.

In relation to the exhibition and the anniversary, Szilveszter Vizi E., the President of the Hungarian Atlantic Council (HAC) stressed that Hungary is appreciated within the Alliance. As he said, during its twenty years of membership Hungary fulfilled the expectations set against her, and she will fulfil these in the future, too.

The travelling exhibition compiled by the MoD Military History Institute and Museum will also get to the larger towns in the country in the near future.

Photos of László Tóth