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Capt. László Bojtos


Slovak–Serbian–Hungarian Training in Szolnok

2016. március 9. 9:00

The weeklong joint Slovak–Serbian–Hungarian pre-deployment training recently ended in the Hungarian Defence Forces Peace Support Training Centre (HDF PSTC), Szolnok.


Life After the IMOC

2012. október 22. 7:08

No sooner had the 24th International Military Observer Course (IMOC) ended in the HDF Peace Support Training Center of Szolnok than another five mission-specific battlefield awareness training programs started on October 15, with more than 80 participants altogether.


Culmination Exercise in Szolnok and Táborfalva

2012. július 27. 11:43

The Hungarian Defence Forces Peace Support Training Center (HDF PSTC) conducted two culmination exercises (CULEX) between July 16–19, 2012. The 32nd rotation of the UNFICYP and the 35th rotation of the MFO have finished their pre-deployment training for the missions abroad.


Peacekeeping Training for Hungarian and Serb Troops

2012. február 19. 6:02

This will be the third occasion that Serb troops – for this time, eight personnel – serve with the Hungarian contingent in Cyprus. They started their pre-deployment training in their country, and in its third week came to Szolnok to join the training program of the Hungarian contingent which is still going on in the HDF Peace Support Training Center (HDF PSTC).