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Lt. Andrea Demény


Compact Eagle 2015

2015. december 1. 9:00

Compact Eagle 2015, an operational-tactical level, Command Post Exercise/Computer Assisted Exercise (CPX/CAX) is going on in Poland, involving 1,700 troops from 19 nations.


Brave Warrior 2015 – Command Post Exercise

2015. október 23. 14:35

The computer assisted/command post exercise (CAX-CPX) has started on Exercise Brave Warrior 2015.


Exercise Brave Warrior 2015 Continues with Live Fire Exercises

2015. október 6. 9:00

Individual live fire exercises are drawing to a close at the combined American–Hungarian Exercise Brave Warrior 2015. In the last days, for the most part, the soldiers of the 2nd infantry battalion of the HDF 25th “Klapka György” Infantry Brigade of Tata carried out several special basic and school live fire exercises on the “0”point range of the Hungarian Defence Forces.


Brave Warrior 2015: Start of Common Training

2015. október 1. 9:00

The common training phase of Exercise Brave Warrior 2015 has started in the central training area of the Hungarian Defence Forces. During this phase, the Hungarian and American forces first conduct the scheduled training program individually on platoon level, then jointly in cooperation with each other on company- and higher level training events under Hungarian command.


Brave Warrior 2015 – Reconnoitering the Training Area

2015. szeptember 28. 9:00

The participants of this year’s largest international exercise Brave Warrior 2015 have occupied their new base at Újmajor near Veszprém. The Hungarian and American forces redeployed to the common camp after carrying out a river crossing operation on the Moson Danube.


OMLT: Training for Realistic Situations

2012. február 11. 15:43

The Hungarian troops to deploy with the eighth contingent of the OMLT travelled to the NATO base in Hohenfels, Germany in the second week of January to implement the next phase of their pre-deployment training program for the mission in Afghanistan. On the base, the Hungarians were co-located during the task execution with the OMLTs of three nations – Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Poland.


Scrap Until The Closing Exercise!

2009. november 12. 7:09

Attention! Visors down, shields up! – echoes the back corner of the barracks of the 25th ’György Klapka’ Infantry Brigade of the Hungarian Defence Forces, then the words of command ’Attention! Line forward!’ are sounded, and the brawl begins! This is the first thing that catches the eye of those who visit the Tata corps nowadays, where the 6th rotation of the EUFOR contingent fulfil their current training task.