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In the Farthest Outpost

Szöveg: HDF PRT |  2011. augusztus 21. 8:21

The troops of the HDF Provincial Reconstruction Team (HDF PRT) have one of these days reached a district in Afghanistan, which had not seen a Hungarian person in uniform for more than two and a half years now. Khost is one of the farthest outposts in Baghlan Province with Pol-e-Khomri, its capital, which is very hard to approach with combat vehicles owing to the road and terrain conditions, so getting there takes several days.

The territory of Khost is characterized with the three thousand meter high peaks of Hindu Kush Mountain’s Western spur, enclosing fertile basins, river valleys. The way there – putting both men and techniques to the test -, leads across high mountain passes, narrow hill-paths trodden under foot for thousands of years, and through watercourses. Nowadays also motor cars and trucks run besides the donkeys and horses on the winding and extremely steep serpentine roads. The circumstances try very hard the skills of the combat vehicle drivers and the staying power of machine gunners, who have to stand in the turret fully equipped in the sweltering heat of 40 degree C, in some cases for 6-8 hours.

After getting across the stony desert mountains, emerges the central region, the settlement of Khost, encircled by vivid green agricultural lands. It offers an unusual sight for the eye getting accustomed to the bleak colors of the Afghan landscape. Intensive farming and various plant culture is found here, besides the spiked plants, wheat, rye, barley, there are also corn and melon fields, and planted fruit gardens as well.

Upon arrival the Hungarian service-members were tasked with mapping the district. In the meetings with the district superiors and from the discussions with the village people, the soldiers could collect ample of useful information about the local conditions, the acceptance of the central Government and the ISAF, the leaders of the district and the status of infrastructure.