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JWC conducts Crisis Response Planning exercise for Trident Jaguar 2018

Szöveg: / |  2018. január 27. 9:02

The operational-level Crisis Response Planning (CRP) phase for Exercise TRIDENT JAGUAR 2018 (TRJR 18) has been ongoing since 9 January and will continue until 26 January 2018 in various locations across Europe.

As part of the CRP, the two primary Training Audiences for the exercise, Multinational Joint Headquarters Ulm and NATO Rapid Deployable Corps – Greece, each deployed a separate Operational Liaison Reconnaissance Team (OLRT) to JWC’s training facility, Stavanger, Norway, from 13 to 19 January.

The OLRTs were led by Hungarian Army Major General Sándor Fucsku (the Deputy Commander of Multinational Joint Headquarters Ulm) and Spanish Army Brigadier General Fernando Barron Clavet (the Deputy Chief of Staff Operations of NATO Rapid Deployment Corps Greece).


Based on the fictitious SKOLKAN 2.0 scenario, the JWC was, during this period, transformed into the fictitious country of “Arnland" to provide the appropriate setting for the two OLRTs who were tasked to provide situational awareness and assessment to their respective Joint Task Force (JTF) Commanders, gather real-time data and conduct Key Leader Engagements addressing the major crisis simulated in the baseline scenario, prior to the deployment of a NATO-led force. There were more than 100 participants who supported the training event in Stavanger, including the liaison teams within the White Cell, replicating Denmark and Arnland, role-playing the key personnel in both civilian and military structures of those Nations. Additionally, many JWC Training Teams deployed to Mons, Ulm and Thessaloniki to support the CRP phase of the exercise.

“TRJR 18 is an operational level exercise that challenges the headquarters to operate and plan within the framework of a demanding scenario with inputs and implications at the strategic, operational and tactical levels. The exercise simulates an environment where the headquarters must consider a variety of concerns and inputs while working towards a solution to its operational dilemmas", explained Lieutenant Colonel Robert Ozanich, JWC Training Team Observer for the event, highlighting the importance of the OLRT training in building Joint Comprehensive Situational Awareness (JCSA).


Exercise TRJR 18 will train and evaluate Multinational Joint Headquarters Ulm and NATO Rapid Deployable Corps – Greece independently this spring as JTF HQs to plan and conduct land-heavy Non-Article 5 Small Joint Crisis Response Operations (SJOs) under direct command of SACEUR.

TRIDENT JAGUAR 2018 will be directed by Polish Army Major General Andrzej Reudowicz, Commander Joint Warfare Centre (JWC), who will serve as the ODE (Officer Directing the Exercise).