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Hungarian Generals in the Balkans

Szöveg: Lt. Gábor Horváth |  2018. június 4. 10:46

Deputy Commander (DCOM KFOR) KFOR Brigadier General János Csombók was welcomed by EUFOR Chief of Staff Brigadier General Gábor Horváth at a flying visit in Camp Butmir, Sarajevo.

It is a rare occasion that Hungarian soldiers have concurrently senior leadership positions in two closely cooperating military operations. This is currently happening in the Balkan theatre, as the KFOR Kosovo Deputy Commander is Brigadier General János Csombók, and the Chief of Staff of the EUFOR Althea Operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina is Brigadier General Gábor Horváth. Their well-established cooperation and good collaboration – and through them – that of the KFOR and the EUFOR missions, also contribute to the process of the stabilisation of the Balkans.

The cooperation between NATO and the EU is not new, as they help each other in many ways. Still, it is worth emphasising that the EUFOR Althea operation and the KFOR mission indeed exhaust the concept of international cooperation, as in case of the deterioration of the security situation, they can resort to common reserve forces.


During the courtesy visit Brigadier General Gábor Horváth introduced the structure and the operational tasks of EUFOR. Brigadier General János Csombók and his delegation could view the equipment and tools of EUFOR Multinational Battalion (MNBN) in a static display. Hungarian, Austrian and Turkish soldiers serve together in the Battalion.

This year the soldiers stationing in the area of operation (AO) can demonstrate the cooperation between the KFOR and EUFOR in an exercise to be performed in close to real conditions. In this exercise to take place in the near future, several Hungarian soldiers will perform their duties both under the EUFOR and the KFOR flag.


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