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Capt. Judit Cseszreginé Csekei


Tobruq Legacy 2016 – Between Sky and Earth

2016. szeptember 27. 9:00

The interoperability and training of medical personnel supporting the event is an essential part of any multinational ground based air defence (GBAD) exercise. This is also true of the medical personnel participating in Exercise Tobruq Legacy 2016 in Slovakia, who are undergoing training in addition to providing real-time medical cover.


Hungarian Troops Come Under Ground, Artillery and Air Attacks

2015. július 3. 9:00

In the morning of June 27 at 06:00 the multinational Exercise “Tobruq Legacy 2015” officially started in Boletice, the Czech Republic for the troops of all participating nations – including the HDF 12th Arrabona SAM Regiment – with providing air defence coverage for the forces of the 4th infantry brigade.