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The First Days on the Exercise

Szöveg: Capt. Zoltán Tószegi |  2012. szeptember 11. 9:44

Following the first day’s briefings, on Wednesday, September 5 the helicopters were roaring at full rpm on the multinational tactical air exercise Logical Decision 2012 conducted in Szolnok and its vicinity.

The land force units commenced the training separately, while all the helicopters participating
in the exercise were flying in a single formation around the airspace to get to know the sites of
the air operations.

In what followed, Hungarian and Macedonian transport helicopters – the Macedonian one
flying under the escort of a Hungarian attack helicopter – conducted MEDEVAC practice
together with the personnel participating in the Deep Survival training.

In the morning of Thursday, September 6 a Hungarian attack helicopter escorted a
Macedonian and a Slovak transport helicopter on a mission to extract the survivors and
transport them to a site located at pre-set coordinates.

In the afternoon the Hungarian Special Forces were practicing safe descent (“Spice Rope"
technique) from the Hungarian Mi-17 hovering at an altitude of 15 meters. They will need this
capability on several occasions during the rest of the exercise.

Photo: 1LT Béla Papp

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