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To See and to Be Seen

Szöveg: Col. Tibor Deme |  2015. július 17. 14:15

From now on, a Hungarian flag is flying on the parade ground of the Headquarters Rapid Reaction Corps – France (HQ RRC-FR) in Lille. As of July 1, the deployable headquarters in command of NATO- and EU-led as well as coalition and national operations has in its ranks soldiers from 11 NATO and EU member states and another two NATO nations – the United States and Turkey. By delegating three staff officers in two phases, the Hungarian Defence Forces intend to strengthen the work of the organization marking its 10th anniversary.


We are living in historic times, and the global situation of the world has significantly changed in the last one year. It is enough to mention the Russia–Ukraine crisis or the issues of migration that are more and more difficult to deal with. Taken together and separately, these problems require us to revise our perceptions of security and necessitate a series of comprehensive and therefore military responses from NATO and the European Union. Hungary has realized that in this tense situation, in accordance with the commitments made so far, it has to make further efforts in order to clearly display its military presence and commitment. In this spirit, it has posted staff officers to the Headquarters Rapid Reaction Corps – France (HQ RRC-FR).

In order to contribute to the successful activity of the Headquarters, in 2015 Hungary is sending two personnel to serve there, and another one in 2016. Col. Tibor Deme (STRATCOM) and Maj. Béla Lökösházi (OPS) both have significant international background, so they are expected to earn appreciation from the staff and further reputation for the Hungarian Defence Forces and Hungary. Our national flag was hoisted on July 8 in a ceremony held at HQ RRC-FR, which is housed in a citadel built in 1670 and designed by Marshal Vauban, known as “the father of fortifications". The building preserves the century-old walls and atmosphere, and at the same time, it provides the most advanced conditions for the rapid reaction, deployable headquarters.

Maj.-Gen. László Domján represented the Chief of Defence at the ceremony. He was received on an official visit by Lt.-Gen. Eric Margail, the commander of the organization. In his speech delivered at the ceremony, Maj.-Gen. Domján emphasized that Hungary and the Hungarian Defence Forces are committed to fulfill their international role. He reiterated that in the current worsening international and security situation, the Hungarian staff officers posted to the headquarters are a significant help and contribution, which also goes a long way towards enhancing the positive image of Hungary. The organization has already achieved significant results and set itself further major goals, and Maj.-Gen. Domján wished it every success in its further activity.


Photos by the author