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Capt. Imre Farkas


Medal Parade in Sarajevo

2013. július 3. 17:09

Nearing the completion of their six-month tour of duty in Sarajevo, the soldiers serving with the 12th rotation of the HDF EUFOR Contingent received ALTHEA medals at a ceremony held on June 25.


Patrolling and Crowd Riot Control

2013. június 13. 13:34

The soldiers serving with the Hungarian maneuver company of the EUFOR Multinational Battalion (MNBN) participated in a Full Operational Capability (FOC) Evaluation Exercise between June 5 and 7.


Running Race in Bosnia-Herzegovina

2013. június 7. 11:00

Several members of the Sarajevo-based HDF EUFOR Contingent recently participated in the locally organized running race.


Pre-deployment Site Survey in Bosnia-Herzegovina

2013. május 25. 6:00

The next rotation of the HDF EUFOR Contingent – the personnel of which is mostly drawn from the HDF 37th “Ferenc Rákóczi II” Engineer Regiment – is preparing in Hungary to start its peacekeeping mission in Sarajevo in July 2013.