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Ninth Rotation Starts Working

Szöveg: HDF AAT-9 |  2014. június 15. 6:00

Over the last few days, the ninth rotation of the HDF Mi–17 Air Advisory Team (AAT-9) has reached “Full Operational Capability” and started working in its area of responsibility. The 11 airmen drawn from the personnel of the HDF 86th Szolnok Helicopter Base – air and ground crewmembers and logisticians – recently took over responsibilities from the eighth rotation which has completed its tour of duty at Shindand Air Base, Western Afghanistan.


The small contingent has the main mission of providing and mentoring basic and advanced level on-the-job flying training, preliminary academic training and simulator-aided flying tasks for the helicopter pilots of the Afghan National Army (ANA). The Hungarians are also responsible for conducting test flights after the completion of maintenance work on the Mi–17 helicopters stationed at the base.

To the soldiers, the greatest challenge is the combined effect of task execution in an international english-speaking environment and the desert climate.


Photo: HDF AAT-9