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Capt. Piroska Kozák


Renovated Road Opens to Traffic

2017. július 29. 12:40

Based on a survey conducted by the soldiers of the HDF 37th Ferenc Rákóczi II Engineer Regiment (Szentes), the members of the Austrian engineer contingent serving along the southern border of Hungary renovated a road at Katymár, Bács-Kiskun County, near the border.


Sport Competitions in the KFOR Contingent

2017. február 25. 9:39

The soldiers of the 15th rotation of the Hungarian Defence Forces KFOR contingent (KFOR-15 HUNCON) recently participated in several sport competitions.


Shooting Championship in Kosovo

2017. február 14. 9:00

The Hungarian company of the KFOR Tactical Reserve Maneuver Battalion (KTM) recently organized a shooting championship on the KFOR range in Kicic, north of Pristina. Besides the Hungarians, the soldiers of the Portuguese company also entered the competition.


Hungarian–American Joint Situational Target Practice in KFOR

2017. február 9. 9:00

The Hungarian and US companies assigned to the KFOR Multinational Battle Group East Forward Command Post (MNBG-E FCP) conducted a joint training event in Camp Bondsteel on 30 January.


Skill Retention Training for Hungarian Peacekeepers

2017. február 7. 9:00

In the interest of retaining and developing earlier acquired skills, as part of the CBRN training, the soldiers of “D” Company in the 15th rotation of the HDF KFOR Contingent recently held a “gas chamber” practice.


Dancon March in Kosovo

2017. január 30. 9:00

The first Dancon March of the year was held in Kosovo on 15 January and 22 January. The Danish contingent stationed in Camp Novo Selo organizes the traditional Dancon March in Kosovo four times a year, mainly for purposes of charity.


Superiors Visit Kosovo

2017. január 24. 9:00

On 18 January – heading a delegation from the officers of the HDF Joint Force Command (HDF JFC) Operations Directorate and the Office of Defense Cooperation of the Embassy of the United States Budapest – HDF JFC Acting Land Forces Chief Brig.-Gen. Gábor Horváth paid an official visit to Kosovo.


New Camp Commander Takes Over in Kosovo

2016. november 30. 9:00

The new commander of Camp Novo Selo, Kosovo took over his responsibilitites in November.


The “Eyes and Ears” of KFOR

2016. november 28. 9:00

The 15th rotation of the Hungarian Defence Forces KFOR Contingent (KFOR-15 HUNCON) deployed to Kosovo more than three months ago. The contingent comprises a Hungarian Liaison Monitoring Team (HUN LMT), which is formally assigned to the contingent but operates in the subordination of the KFOR Joint Regional Detachment Center (JRD-C). Its area of responsibility is Podujevo municipality, extending over 633 square kilometers. There are 75 communities here, including a major town, with a total population of 130,000 according to a recent survey.


Change of Command in Camp Novo Selo

2016. november 27. 7:00

The ceremony marking the handover of authority within the KFOR Multinational Battle Group East Forward Command Post (MNBG-E FCP) and the US contingent recently took place in Camp Novo Selo, Kosovo.