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Gábor Kálmánfi - 4. oldal


Saber Junction 2015: Preparing for Engagement

2015. április 18. 10:02

The Hungarian Defence Forces are represented with some 250 troops at the NATO Exercise Saber Junction 2015. For example, the 1st rifle company of the HDF 25th “Klapka György” Infantry Brigade (Tata) has redeployed with BTRs to Germany where, as a maneuver company of a US cavalry battalion, it was training on Tuesday, April 14 for a major engagement next day. (Report from the spot).


A Kind of America

2015. április 16. 9:00

NATO’s large-scale Exercise Saber Junction 2015 is being conducted full-on in Hohenfels, Germany, with the participation of more than 5,000 troops from 17 NATO member countries. On our arrival, we found ourselves right in the midst of the action when a convoy of the US Falcon Team came under a simulated attack.


NATO Run in Kaposvár

2015. március 26. 9:00

On March 21, more than 50 runners participated in a 7-kilometre race. The event – which took place for the 16th time – was organized by the HDF 64th “József Boconádi Szabó” Logistic Regiment to mark the anniversary of Hungary’s accession to NATO. Besides soldiers, the entrants included members of organizations closely cooperating with the Hungarian Defence Forces and students of partner schools in the KatonaSuli (Military School) program. Click for our picture gallery!


Attention: Risk of Epidemic!

2015. március 12. 9:00

Smooth cooperation among several organizations is the only way to manage a health crisis effectively – this was one of the lessons learned on the VIP day of NATO’s Crisis Management Exercise 2015 (CMX 2015) which took place at the HDF Pápa Air Base in Hungary on Friday, March 6. High-ranking leaders of the Hungarian Defence Forces, the Ministry of Human Resources and the Veszprém County Defence Committee as well as members of the Pápa-based Heavy Airlift Wing (HAW), the NATO Center of Excellence for Military Medicine (NATO MILMED COE) and the Budapest Military Attaché Corps (BMAC) observed how the crisis situation was handled in a fictitious scenario.


All Quiet Again on the Border

2015. március 6. 9:00

American Humvees and Hungarian BTRs – Exercise Warlord Rock 2015 ended with a joint live firing training conducted by combat vehicles and infantry on the zero point range near Várpalota on Monday, March 2.


German–Hungarian Military Cooperation Needs to Be Broadened

2015. március 5. 9:00

Brig.-Gen. Uwe Nerger, Deputy Chief of Staff, Bundeswehr Army Command is heading a delegation to Hungary between March 1–3 to participate in a discussion of the land forces staff.


Joint Simulation

2015. február 21. 6:03

Brig.-Gen. Christopher Cavoli, 7th Army Joint Multinational Training Command paid a three-day official visit to Hungary. On February 17, the first day of his visit, he conducted meetings in Székesfehérvár to discuss the possibilities of connecting the simulation systems (MARS, MARCUS) used in the Hungarian Defence Forces with the systems used in Germany.


Tradition Preserver Logistic Commander

2015. február 17. 9:00

Agáta Kapás, the acting commander of the logistic company of the HDF Bakony Combat Training Center (HDF BCTC) has been into folk dance since her childhood. As she says, to her folk dance is not only a hobby but also a way to preserve traditions.


Logistics in a Virtual Environment

2015. január 30. 18:00

As we have already reported, the tabletop exercise (TTEX) element of the “Capable Logistician 2015” (CL15) logistic exercise is currently going on with the participation of soldiers from 12 nations at the HDF Joint Force Command (HDF JFC). Exercise Director Lt.-Col. Jan Husák, Director of the Prague-based Multinational Logistic Coordination Centre (MLCC) and Exercise Co-Director Col. Zoltán Schmidt, Chief of Logistic Forces, HDF JFC told us that the TTEX provides the soldiers of participating nations with a good opportunity to standardize their procedures.


Who commands the aircraft…

2014. szeptember 22. 11:07

So far we have written that Captain Viktor Lukács is the only Hungarian pilot of the Strategic Airlift Capability Heavy Airlift Wing (HAW). Now we put it this way: Captain Viktor Lukács is the only Hungarian aircraft commander of the Wing as well. The interview he gave us reveals that the Captain Lukács has flown the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III cargo aircraft more than 1,500 hours, and from now on he will primarily take part in accomplishing HAW operational tasks as an Aircraft Commander, and he will also be serving as a Safety Officer for the Wing.